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Everything that you wonder about Hair implant

Before & Aftes

Before and after photos.
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What Do We Do?

General information about applications.

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It is the healthiest, most convenient and natural hair implant system developed for hair loss problem.

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Hair Spa Medical

Hair Spa is applied in our Neohair Hair Implant Center to make scalp and hair heathier, shiner and more abundant.

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Saç Gözeneklerinin DurumuSaç Yapısı DurumuSaç Yoğunluğu


It is a method applied when hair lack necessary elements. These elements are injected to scalp.

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Saç Derisi DurumuSaç Yapısı DurumuUygulama Öncesi Analizler

All Colors

It is advanced for image change that our customers need afther application of hair implant.

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İmaj DeğişimiSaç RengiSaç Tasarımı

Local App

Local App is a hair implant application applied to an area after making necessary analysis following determining of problematic area. It is a very common method in America.

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Bölgesel AnalizBölgesel UygulamaSorunlu Bölgenin Tespiti

Complete Application

People may experience hair loss problem not only on partial area but also on their whole scalp. This method cover whole scalp treatment.

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ÖlçümlemeSaç Derisi DurumuSaç Kaybı DurumuSaç Yapısı DurumuUygulama Öncesi Analiz

No Care

It is a solution preferred especially by our foreign customers and it doesn’t require any professional care.

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Saç Derisi DurumuSaç Yapısı DurumuUygulanacak Bakım

Hair And Skin Analysis

Determining the reason behind scalp problems is the first thing to do.

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Keratin DurumuSaç Derisi DurumuSaç Derisindeki Kılcal Damarların DurumuSaç Gözeneklerinin DurumuSaç KalınlığıSaç Kaybı DurumuSaç Yoğunluğu

Who Used It

Who used it.

What is Hair Implant?

Many People at different ages experience hair loss due to genetic factors, stress, age, illness and various external factors. These people are affected negatively in psychological and social terms as a result. Hair Implant offered as a solution to hair loss problem is a painless and non-surgical method.

Importance of Hair Implant

Neohair Hair Implant is not only natural and convenient but also it promises completely reliable results in terms of health. In fact, First of all, it offers exact solution after first session on the contrary of alternative hair gain methods. Side effects of various application and treatments used for hair loss solution may even result in bigger problems. However, as hair implant applied in Neohair Hair Implant Center are obtained by completely natural components and there is no medical procedure in application of it; it doesn’t cause any side effect or any risk. Due to same reasons, it allows you to have the hair you wish for. Besides, there is no sex or age limit for hair application except for little children and those with serious eczema problems.
Neohair Hair Implant produced professionally and applied to scalp by our experts, acts naturally as your lost hair and protects your scalp in extreme cold and hot weather conditions, thus allows it to stay healthy. It also helps those who lost their hair and having sinusitis problem and hence decreasing the pain by keeping the scalp warm.
But most importantly, it makes you feel good by re-gaining you confidence that you lost with your hair. At whatever age you might be, hair loss and hair decrease that you go through due to various reasons can cause you to depreciate your appearance, lose your confidence in social environment or demotivate. Baldness and hair loss may even become a main reason for depression for some people. Natural hair obtained by hair implant application plays an important role in boosting confidence by making individuals appreciate their appearance and also it helps them be more positive and extroverted.

How is hair implant application is done?

When you apply to Neohair Hair Implant Center, your hair is examined and the hair problem is diagnosed at first. Problematic areas on your hair are determined and analyzed professionally. After these analyses, your hair sample is taken by our experts to form the structure of the hair implant and this sample is examined in the light of your features, forehead and head structure. In this period which is called measurement, your hair intensity is determined and biological measurement of your problematic area is done. Thanks to these examinations, the best design appropriate to your features, forehead, hair and head structure is done. These samples and design are delivered to our professional and high tech labs to prepare the hair implant. It is essential to make a professional measurement to produce the best hair implant. Neohair Hair Implant Center applies necessary phases with its expert team and guarantee customer satisfaction. Neohair Hair Implant designed in high tech labs is applied professionally to problematic area. Neohair Hair Implant procedure is completed after the application of hair implant to your scalp and design period. Design period includes cutting of hair in the way that customer wishes and appropriate to his/her face and forehead. This period is controlled by our expert hair designers by making sure that your hair looks natural. After all these, you will have as natural hair as your original hair at ease and in comfort.

Chemotherapy and Hair Implant

Cancer is one of the most common diseases seen in our time. It is seen in one every three people. These people are exposed to chemotherapy. Medicines taken during chemotherapy treatment in cancer cure cause a lot of hair loss. That’s why, hair shedding and hair loss are common problems that patients experience. Whether the person will have hair loss problem is based on medicine type and dosage amount. Chemotherapy medicines may cause hair loss based on dosage. It also causes hair to lose its strength and shed.

Hair grows taller after 6-12 months after chemotherapy. Some patients may not accept this change in their appearance and get affected from this situation psychologically. The best solution for this case is to make a plan for hair loss in advance. Neohair Hair Implant offers non-surgical and painless methods to our customers having hair loss during chemotherapy and after it.

Hair Implant with Guarantee

Our Neohair Hair Implant Center has an agreement with Nano-Tech Company, which is one of the leading hair implant companies in America. Hair care products used in our Neohair Hair Implant Center are imported from world-wide known centers such as Nano-Tech and Pro-Gen. Products used in hair implant application are tested and confirmed in special laboratories. All of our products are quality certified. There is no health risk.

Neohair presents you guarantee in hair implant applications. With its professional team, you are not alone before and after guaranteed hair implant application procedure.

User Experiences

Comments of users after the application

(Turkish) S.Y. 27 yaşında

(Turkish) Uzun yıllar kullandığım jöle, wax gibi saç şekillendiricileri yüzünden saçlarımı askerden sonra kaybettim. Daha sonra saçlarımı nasıl geri kazanabilceğimi araştırdım ve neohair saç protezi ile tanıştım. Hiç düşünmeden protez uygulaması yaptırdım çok memnunum ve çok mutluyum. Lise yıllarıma geri döndüm diyebilirim 🙂

C.K. 32 Years Old

I understand that I made the right choice by Neohair hair implant when I observed the effects of hair implant and after implant hair care products. Thank you Neohair Team!

I.P. 37 old

Like other men, my hair started to shed from top. I had hair transplantation in a center. I was satisfied for a while until my hair began to shed. It was an awful appearance. I met with Neohair while seeking for a solution. I had hair implant. I am quite satisfied with the result.

M.L 33 old

I sought for solutions to my hair problem for years. When I learnt about hair implant, I began to try to find the best hair implant service. Neohair gave me the confidence. I am quite satisfied with the application. I absolutely recommend it.

H. İ. 29 old

Neohair team was with me when I went thought hair implant period. I trusted their experience and reliability and this relieved me very much. Hygienic environment was relaxing. You can have Neohair Hair Implant with a mind at peace.

E.C. 28 old

My father and my grandfather were bald, so I realized that I had this potential at very young age. But I couldn’t figure that I would have hair shedding at this very young age and lose most of my hair until 20’s. This caused me to lose my confidence. Although many solutions exist in the market, I think most of them are not reliable and persuasive. I was hesitative about Neohair Hair Implant Center before I came to visit them. Thanks to their friendly professional team, they didn’t leave any question mark in my mind and gave me the result I wished for.

M.Y. 27 old

I met with friendly Neohair family when I decided to have hair implant because of my hair loss. I feel very lucky to meet these beautiful women. Glad to have you!

T. D., 37 old

My hair started to shed at the age of 18. I tried every method to prevent my hair from shedding, decreasing or weakening, but I failed. I know that I won’t have my old hair back, but I have new hair that is indifferent to my old natural hair thanks to Neohair Hair Implant applications.

S.A., 51 old

Serious hair problem that I faced as a woman caused me to feel very bad and spend less time with people. After some time, I started to avoid looking to mirrors. I didn’t like myself. I wasn’t satisfied with any of the methods I tried until I discovered Neohair Hair Implant. I feel like I am younger and more beautiful. I thank Neohair family much.

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